Card Punching Equipments

  • WENLIN-HS-5A/4A/3A Auto Servo Punching Machine

    WENLIN-HS-3A/4A/5A Automatic High Speed Servo Punching Machine adopts PLC industrial automation controlling, Omron servomotor and high precision ball screw as well as linear guide for accurate moving distance. Professional High sensitivity photoelectric recognition device reads the position marks for precise and reliable positioning.The mould is made by imported mould steel. The function of software is strong.

  • WENLIN-HS-25A Auto Punching Machine with 25 card collecting boxes

    WENLIN-HS-25A Auto Punching Machine with 25 card collecting boxes

  • WENLIN-HS-2F new dual-mode hydraulic punching machine

    Brand:WENLINSpecifications:210mm×297mmApplication range:Suitable for punching A4 format PVC, PC, PS, PET, PETG, ABS and other plastic sheet materials

  • WENLIN-HS-2F Dual-Card Punching Machine

    WENLIN-HS-2F Dual-card Punching Machine combines slotting and punching. It adopts hydraulic power punching method .It adopts photoelectric eye center location to accurate positioning with fast speed. It uses imported good quality mold, which is easy to be replaced. The machine is for punching A4 size PVC, ABS and etc.Punching effect is comparable with automatic high-speed die punch card. Punching is done after making holes without cutting.

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