Card Punching Equipments

  • WENLIN-HS-3Y Shaped Card Punching machine

    WENLIN-HS-3Y Shaped Card Puncher.This PVC sheet punching machine is functional of Testing,transmissing,hole punching,Creasing and card Collecting in whole set.Automatically PLC Programma Controlling
    Engilish-Chinese Dual language Screen Controlling Flexibility.

  • WENLIN-HS-25A Auto IC ID Card Collecting Punching Machine for PVC sheet

    WENLIN-HS-25A Auto Punching Machine with 25 card collecting boxes. Each card collecting box will collect one kind of card seperately, which is labour cost saving and production cost decreased. WENLIN-HS-25A PVC sheet punching equipment can be used to cut sheet with combined photos which show differnet contents.

  • WENLIN-HS-2/3/4/5F Plastic card Punch machine

    Model:WENLIN-HS-2/3/4/5F newly enlarged Double die punching equipment,attendance card punching machine,hydraulic punch machine for making plastic card, PVC card, ID card, IC card, bank card, credit card, loyalty card, VIP card, hotel card, inlay sheet.

  • WENLIN-HS-2F hydraulic smart card punching equipment

    Brand:WENLINSpecifications:210mm×297mmApplication range:Suitable for punching cutting A4 or A3 and above A3 sizes of PVC, PC, PS, PET, PETG, ABS and other plastic sheet materials.

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