Lamination Equipments

  • WENLIN-New full auto7500 laminating machine

    The new generation of automatic, reliable and simple design, small volume, less area.
    Stable and reliable linear pushing device for automatic material transfer has laid a solid foundation, national patent number: ZL201930632526.5; ZL201930632515.7, ZL201922427777.7 and other patents.
    Automatic feeding and discharging function is not only save labor, more importantly, the laminating operator does not need physical strength and is very easy.
    Independent hot and cold preparation platform circulation freely, and the host work without interference.
    Automatic looking for material vacancy, the human body engineering design of the turning table and automatic turning device to make automatic more simple.

    6. Improve the efficiency of the factory shift, the machine flexibly set automatic and semi-automatic conversion, single, double combination operation mode timely conversion.

  • Full Auto Lamination System WENLIN-Smartlam8500

    Full Auto Lamination System WINLIN-Smartlam8500,Heating tower Auto Feeding System.Auto unloading System.Auto convey system.Full computer control management system and visual operation.

  • Intelligent Fully Automatic Laminator Machine Wenlin-Smartlam7500

    Intelligent Full Automatic Laminator Machine WENLIN-Smartlam7500B: Fully integrated and automated system.Metal Clad platens to avoid the platens out of shape during heating.Fully automatic material transferring process via shift fork system under servo motor control.

  • Wenlin-FA8100AT-10 sheet laminating equipment

    New Generation Automatic Laminator WENLIN-FA8100AT.This plastic card lamination machine breaks with traditional designs and realizes automatic material transfer instead of manual transfer, achieving safe and high efficiency working.
    ● PLC industrial automation control system & touch-screen display are imported, convenient for operation; With its powerful functions, the software can save several lamination parameters automatically.
    Trouble alarm and record functions make the machine more humanized.

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