Lamination Equipments

  • Wenlin-FA8100AT-10 sheet laminating equipment

    New Generation Automatic Laminator WENLIN-FA8100AT.This plastic card lamination machine breaks with traditional designs and realizes automatic material transfer instead of manual transfer, achieving safe and high efficiency working.
    ● PLC industrial automation control system & touch-screen display are imported, convenient for operation; With its powerful functions, the software can save several lamination parameters automatically.
    Trouble alarm and record functions make the machine more humanized.

  • New Generation Automatic Laminator WENLIN-FA7500AT

    Wenlin card making and punching factory produce smart Second generation ID card making printing machine and punching equipment with 20 years experience,welin specilized in card fusing and cutting .New Generation Automatic Laminator WENLIN-FA7500AT.The new generation plastic laminating machine achieves much more functions with automatic transfer materials, time and labor saving, safe and standard production , enterprise maximize benefit,etc. This laminator adopts the newest automatic transferring technology, which makes material transferring more easily and safely, also saves worker labor intensity efficiently.


    Brand: WENLINSpecifications: 420mm*520mmIt is suitable for RFID tags, IC, ID inlay, second-generation ID cards and other high-end ID cards, bank cards, bus cards, highways, social security cards and other companies and card factories that professionally make cards.

  • WENLIN-FA7500D-7 Plastic Card Laminator

    Wenlin new generation automatic card laminating machine widely used for laminating union Pay, VISA, Mastercard, national second generation ID card, residence card, social security card, dual-interface card and smart IC, ID card and in other production fields.

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