Lamination Equipments

  • WL-Smartlam5200B-10 Automatic Smart Card Laminator

    Automatic Smart Card Laminator WENLIN-Smartlam5200B-10,Twinstack laminator designed specially for the production of conventional plastic cards, contact cards,contactless cards,RFID cards, etc. Fully integrated and automated system.Thermally efficient lightweight alloy platens. Fully automatic material transferring process via ball screw drive system under servo motor control

  • WL-FA5200AT-7 PLC High Speed PVC Card Laminator

    Brand:WENLINSpecifications:420mm×520mmWENLIN-FA5200AT-7 PLC Automatic High Speed PVC Card Laminator , new generation auto transfer laminate card printing machine, with high efficiency of 7 electric heating & 7 water cooling working windows, which is used to laminate all kinds of PC ,PVC,PC,PET,PETG plastic materials.Wenlin technology is professional card making manufacturer in Wuhan China with 20 years in card laminate and punch industry.

  • PLC Automatic High Speed PVC Card Laminators WENLIN-FA5200AT-10

    Wenlin-FA5200AT-10 new generation auto transfer laminator with high quality PLC control system to make the card making production more efficient and easy operation, Wenlin is professional card making manufacturer in Wuhan China in PC PVC card printing and making for 20 years. Our price is competitive and quality stable and reliable.


    Brand:WENLINSpecifications:420mm×520mmApplication range:A3+ laminating platen, High efficienct to laminate film on various kinds of plastic cards, such as RFID tag, IC,ID inlay cards,second generation ID cards and other superior cards,bank cards,bus cards,highway cards,social security cards,etc. Wenlin is professional Card Equipment Manufacturer. Card Equipment Manufacturer.

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