Lamination Equipments

  • WENLIN-FA5200SR-7 Strengthen Laminator

    WENLIN-FA5200SR-7 Strengthen card laminating machine with 7 heating and 7 cooling daylights PLC control system and output of 6000 cards per hour.Wenlin technology is professional card making manufacturer in Wuhan China with 20 years in card laminate and punch industry.

  • WENLIN-FA5200-3 Smart Laminator

    1.WL-FA5200-3 card fusing machine with PLC industrial automation system for easy operation & high precision;

    2. WL-FA5200-3 card lamination machine adopts Powerful PLC software with fault alarm & fault recording functions,more humane;

    3. WL-FA5200-3 card equipment adopts International HROA difunctional standard cylinders ,one big cylinders for easy machine maintenance.

  • WENLIN-FA5200SR-5 Strengthen Card Laminator

    IC ID Smart Cards Laminating Machine Brand: WenLinSpecification: 420*520mmApplication: suitable for RFID tag, IC, ID inlay, second-generation ID card and other high-grade certificate card, bank card, public traffic card, highway, social security card and other professional production of card companies, card factory.Can be used for batch recipes, table cards, etc.

  • WENLIN-FA5000-4 Digital Laminating Machine

    WENLIN-FA5000-4 digital card laminating machine is A3+ format laminating machine, suitable for advertising companies and card printing enterprises. WENLIN smart card laminator is suitable for making all kinds of personalized cards, smart cards and all kinds of billboards, menus and payment cards

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