Lamination Equipments

  • WENLIN-FA3000-8 Smart Laminator

    WENLIN-FA3000-8 Smart Laminator, user-friendly card making machine for laminating all kinds of cards such as loyalty cards/ membership card /reward card library card /VIP card / calendar card/key card hotel access card/ bank and financial card/privilege card

  • WENLIN-FA3000-4 smart card laminator

    WENLIN-FA3000-4/2016 smart card laminator:Adopts PLC industrial automation system; Intelligent human-machine touch screen settings,high precision of temperaturer and pressure, easy operation. Twin towers, heating tower and cooling tower. Two daylights for heating and two daylights for cooling.

  • WENLIN-FA3000-2E Smart Laminator

    Brand :WENLIN Specifications:210mm×297mmApplication range: Suitable for making all kinds of personal cards,small quantity of non-contact IC&ID cards,RFID cards,etc

  • WENLIN-FA3000-1 Smart Laminator

    WENLIN-FA3000-1 Smart Laminator,Standard joint venture hydraulic system,it can keep pressure effectively without divulging.
    The whole cast iron heating,radiation element,the stainless steel heating tube ensure the good lamination result.
    It is suitable for making contactless IC、ID cards.

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