Ancillary Equipments

  • WENLIN-6000N Holographic Anti-counterfeiting Hot Stamping Machine

    WENLIN-6000N holographic anti-counterfeiting hot stamping machineused for hot stamping anti-fake hologram label, logo, characters and signature panel on plastic card surface. Also can be used for scratch-off label.They are able to stamp hologram label and signature panel for bank credit cards. VISA, Master, JCB, Rupay.PLC control with touch screen, servo drive, automatic feeding, running and collecting cards.

    Adopt famous brand components: Panasonic, Omron, Schneider, Yaskawa, SMC, Airtac, Di-Soric, KEYENCE, etc.Cards are well protected without scratching during card conveying. Stamping position is accurate,high speed and stability.Big stamping area and accurate stamping quality.Easy adjusting.Single stamping station. Flat stamping. Stamp head move up and down.

  • 4 stations sim card Punching Machine

    The SIM card punching machine can punch the standard smart card, non-standard card, mini card and the irregularly shaped cards by changing the punching tools.

  • WENLIN - 2000DW pvc card spot welder machine

    Brand: WENLINSystem: PC Program Control + Servo System WENLIN -2000DW automatic ultrasonic anchor spot welder is automatically controlled by PLC program, wide LCD display and operation, servo system automatic transmission basic PVC sheet materials, ultrasonic welding PVC sheet, convenient to setting parameters and mode, fast speed, high precision.

  • WENLIN Single chip milling and embedding two in one machine

    WENLIN Single chip milling and embedding two in one machine is used to mill the cavity on standard card and embed different kinds of chips into the milled cavity.

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