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Smart chip card industry development trend


    China's chip card industry is highly dependent on foreign countries. Chip cards are the core and most important part of the information industry. A chip card generally refers to a carrier of an integrated circuit, and is also a result of an integrated circuit after being designed, manufactured, packaged, and tested. In the card making machine, the laminating machine manufacturer usually refers to the "integrated circuit" by "chip card". The chip card is called the "stone" of the information age. It is one of the important indicators to measure a country's high-end manufacturing capabilities and overall national strength. Due to the rapid development of the information industry, China's demand for chip cards is very large. Since 2013, the amount of imported chip cards in China has reached 200 billion US dollars (about 1300 billion yuan). In 2017, it reached more than 250 billion US dollars.In2017, China's domestic chip card industry has annual sales of more than 500 billion yuan. In addition to direct sales, a large number of chip cards are used to assemble and process into various types of electronic products, indirectly entering the market.

    With the continuous expansion of smart card applications, the personalized needs of smart cards will continue to grow, so that personalized devices in smart card devices are expected to increase further in the future, and personalization-related software technologies, electronic technologies and hardware technologies will be further developed accordingly.

   Taking the financial IC card as an example, in the future, the promotion of financial IC cards will provide a market capacity of 400 billion yuan for the entire industrial chain of financial IC cards including platform construction, technology upgrade, and background processing. It can be expected that the number of financial IC cards issued will be blowout, which is a huge opportunity for domestic chip manufacturers who have been deeply immersed in this field for many years.Although the current financial IC card chips purchased by domestic banks are basically imported, based on financial security and the high cost of using imported financial IC card chips, the central bank has clearly stated that the domestic IC cards issued in the future will be uniformly used by domestic manufacturers. At present, many domestic chip manufacturers have actively deployed relevant product lines.

   In the traditional smart card production industry, card makers and laminating machine manufacturers require a large number of first-line production workers, which are labor-intensive industries. The production and manufacturing methods require a large amount of human resources, high production costs, and difficult personnel management. In recent years, with the decline in the supply of labor in China, many factories have experienced the situation of “difficult recruitment”. Many regions havesuccessively launched the “machine substitution” program, which is funded by the government to support the local factory to upgrade the production line and introduce robots into the factory. Helping companies significantly reduce labor costs while improving product quality and productivity. Wenlin's new generation of automatic lamination, high-capacity, time-saving and labor-saving is favored by customers.In the future, the intelligence of equipment intelligently represented by intelligent robots and the technicalsupport of MES will be an important trend in the field of equipment products and industrial control technology.

Source: China Report Hall

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