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Smart cards history


    When you open the wallet, various cards are a must, ID card, bank card credit card, membership card, etc., which identify our various social identities or record our life information. There are no more than ten kinds of fine numbers.

    Bank cards allow you to buy things without having to bring a bunch of money. The memory card allows you to do things without having to carry thick materials. The bus card allows you to discount in the city without worrying about no change.

    Smart card, in fact, the name that appears in people's field of vision at first, is the IC card, why? This is related to its origin, the smart card is a card containing integrated circuit chips, which is easy to carry, large in capacity, high in confidentiality, etc. Features, the same shape as the magnetic card used by the bank. However, with the development of echnology, more processes and shapes have emerged.

     In fact, the word is vague in a certain sense. Since the emergence of the IC card,there are many international names for it. The English names include Smart Card and IC Card,in Hong Kong and Taiwan, they are often referred to as smart cards, in the Mainland, people generally call them IC cards. or smart card. There are always a number of such names.Therefore, the International Organization for Standardization uses ICC (Integrated Circuit Card), which is an integrated circuit card to cover all smart cards that meet the definition.

    The reason why the card making machine manufacturers put the integrated chip in the end is because the integrated chip is the core part of the smart card. In the production process, the chip is first packaged into a separate module, which is then

embedded in a plastic card base. For non-contact cards, the designed antenna is embedded on the card base. The card base embedded in the chip, called the middlematerial, also known as the core material, is produced in the early stage of the production of the finished card, mainly as a semi-finished product, used in the production of various smart cards and non-smart cards.

    According to the exchange interface, smart cards can be divided into contact, non-contact and dual interface cards. Different and non-contact smart cards, contact smart cards need to access the reading and writing device to read and write data; and duinterface cards (also called composite cards) combine the first two into a card, embedded in a single sheet The chip, however, allows the card to have both contact and contactless interfaces.

    At first, the shape of the smart card is like a general bank card. With the advancement of technology and experience of laminating machines and smart card punching machine manufacturers, smart cards have added many different processes, such as glue cards, video cards, 3D cards, and laser cards. In addition to the change of the card surface technology, the smart card can be customized in shape, and can be packaged into special shapes such as labels, buttons, keys,ornaments, etc. according to requirements to meet the needs of smart cards and customized personalities.

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